Review Guidelines & Rules

Each review must recount a visit that took place within the last three months in order to be timely. A lot can change with a provider - even in this relatively short amount of time. If you didnt receive a service & still have something to say, you should leave a tip for the provider.

Be fair and honest in your reviews, this is what the providers do for a living. Try not to be swayed – for good or bad – by any emotions you may feel immediately following an encounter as your feelings may change over the next day or two. FAIR WARNING: We will not post any review that slams or denigrates a provider, nor will we post reviews that contain such derogatory terms such as: cunt, bitch, slut or any other wording that we deem inappropriate or hurtful. AdultLook has created a community where hobbyists can help a member find exactly what he’s looking for – or warn someone away from a provider that doesn’t look, act or perform as advertised.

Members appreciate being warned about ROB’s, Bait & Switch providers, or dangerous or dirty situations. Some members are sensitive to dirt, animals, noise or smoking, so be sure to mention anything of note in your review.

In order to keep our performance ratings consistent, we set up the following system:

  1. An escort provider is only eligible to earn up to a 3 and half stars, unless she is willing to perform one or some of the following during a session: Kisses With Tongue, Bare-Back Blow Job, Really-Bi, Anal Sex, or More than One Guy.
  2. A body rubs / therapeutic massage, massage parlor provider is only eligible to earn up to 3 and half stars, unless she is willing to perform one or some of the following during a session:Naked Breast-Play, Blow Job, Lick Pussy, Anal Sex, or Multiple Pops
For each of these services that are offered, her potential max score is raised by half-a-star, with 5 star as an absolute maximum. This does not mean she earns extra points for offering the service(s); just that she is now eligible for a higher score. Her maximum eligible score is based on what is offered, not what is performed during your session with her. You may or may not be interested in the “extra” services she offers, but the fact she offers them makes her eligible for the higher score. Remember, it’s your review; within these guidelines you still get to decide what her score should be. If your review rates a provider higher than her maximum score, the score will be adjusted down to her maximum.

You may review the same provider two times in total. You can edit your review within 2 days after you post it. After that, you can always add comments to your review for updates.

Reviews cannot be submitted by the provider (self-review) or submitted by anyone directly related to the provider (husband, brother, roommate, other provider, etc.). Reviews cannot be submitted from the provider's computer. Breaking these rules will result in the provider’s profile being delisted, if caught. Repeat offenders are subject to being permanently banned from AdutLook.

Reviews which violate AdultLook’s policies (as periodically updated), as determined by AdultLook in its sole discretion, will be removed and any credit will be taken away. AdultLook reserves the right cancel the membership of anyone that violates any of AdultLook’s policies, and may ban a member if AdultLook believes that the violations were willful, repeated or flagrant.

AdultLook has a policy against exchanging good reviews for favors (free or discounted meetings, etc.) or anything of value. (AdultLook also has a policy against attempting to get free or discounted meetings, etc. by threatening a bad review.) Providers may offer incentives to meet new clients / get more businesses, however incentives in a favor for good reviews are prohibited. Remember, you are trying to be help other members get the best bang for their buck, and fake or inaccurate reviews don’t do that.

Its about your time, enjoy the ride!!